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Is it just me or is October CMS v2 quite a bit slower than v1 in the front-end? All of my v1.0.473 websites are so snappy they almost feel like SPAs while my v2.1.16 websites feel like they take a solid second when switching between webpages. My ENV variables are the same (routes cache, asset cache etc.).

Average TTFB on October CMS v1.0.473: 288.37 ms (9 websites tested)

Average TTFB on October CMS v2.1.16: 506.79 ms (3 websites tested)

October CMS v2 has some amazing new features, but speed / optimization has always been my main selling point for websites.

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Hey g,

Internally v2 made some changes that affect memory consumption, and the performance has actually been improved. Tested with the RainLab.Vanilla theme via the /blog route.

  • v1 - Average execution time 135.411ms
  • v2 - Average execution time 52.112ms

To make these gains, the internal caching was removed and this cuts a path for even more improvements to the application speed. However, it comes at a cost, some components were using this feature as a crutch for inefficient internals and so will perform worse now.

What you are experiencing is likely caused by a bottleneck somewhere in the plugin components used on the page. Pick a sample page and send us an email with the contents and components used on the page and we can try to locate the issue.



Something also worth checking is the environment variable name is CMS_ROUTE_CACHE and not CMS_ROUTES_CACHE. There was a typo in the environment example file in the early distribution copies.


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