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I need to sort belongsToMany relation data using a pivot column. In previous buil this was working like sharm, but with a new update it starts failing. It does sort everything, but now it is not possible to create a new record as there is no sort_order in the City table and I guess it's logical, but how to hook to the event before relation controller gets rendered ?

'cities' => [
        'table' => 'acme_demo_companies_cities', 
        'order' => 'sort_order asc',
        'pivot' => ['is_published','sort_order'],

Appreciate your help )))


Did somebody figure this out? I've got the same problem..


Yes, as far as I remmember it took me few days, but after experimenting and playing around it worked. Give a easy names to columns so you will not mess with similar column names. It was a small dificulty for me there .

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