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What was your experience using that package? Does it work properly? Thanks for the tip though!

Posted in Database Model/Collection caching

I think you should put a little more effort in your posts on this forum ;-)

You can upload a custom ...

Posted in Can I Customize October CMS

I'm using the builder plugin to show overview and detail pages. The structure is very simple, it's j...

Posted in Builder plugin 404 page

Would be interested to hear more about this!

Posted in Extend backend richeditor widget

Did you figure this out in the end? I'm quite interested in doing the same kind of thing!

Posted in Extending Media Manager

Already figured it out. You just have to set the correct request headers. Then you can return data f...

Posted in OctoberCMS without AJAX framework

In our projects we would like to include as little jQuery as possible. Therefore we'd like to bypass...

Posted in OctoberCMS without AJAX framework

You can do this in twig:

{% if myVar in myArray %}
    // code
{% endif %}


Posted in Twig vs PHP, what are the best practices?

Did somebody figure this out? I've got the same problem..

Posted in Need help with ordering pivot column in a relation

I'm trying to export all records from a table, called ingredients, from a custom plugin. I've follow...

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