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Migrating from PHPRoad to Laravel (OctoberCMS)

Friends, first of I would like to congratulate you all on the excellent hard work you put into the development of OctoberCMS. It is a great product and I love it.
The reason for my post today is that I am using a Scripts Ahoy! Software powered by the PHPRoad framework. PHPRoad is a very similar rapid development framework and CMS like OctoberCMS for people who build custom web applications using PHP. You can access the detailed documentation by clicking the links below. • Developer Guide -

I am new to Laravel Framework (Coding) and would like to know how hard would it be to migrate the modules (application logic only) and theme from PHPRoad framework? Can I find and implement the same modules from PHPRoad CMS to October CMS eg. Location, Notification, Messaging, SMS, Currency, Payment, Social media Integration etc. ?

Modules for PHPRoad -

Can someone please guide me though the process? Your help would really save me time and effort to make a decision where it’s worth it to migrate from PHPRoad to OctoberCMS.

P.S The PHPRoad script is located @ Admin Backend - Login using the following username/password combinations:

Username: provider Password: password

Username: customer Password: password

Username: admin Password: password

Thanks heaps


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October is the spiritual successor to PHPRoad, and is a complete rewrite using the Laravel framework. There are many differences between the two that would make this task a mammoth effort.


Hi daftspunk,

Many thanks for your reply. I had some doubts myself, as porting a single module and theme from PHPRoad to OctoberCMS could take a lot of effort - but doable. However, I do not want to port all modules but just the "bluebell" module and use all the featured exiting Plugins & Themes from OctoberCMS that are similar functions to PHPRoad.

I believe you are one of the original coders of PHPRoad - can you please help & confirm 1> PHPRoad framework is coded with Ruby on Rails , Javascript & MySQL ? 2>I would like to copy the entire PHPRoad CMS site (including new modules changes) on a different web-server & domain name (CMS & Database) but there is an issue with the license key. Can you please tell help me understand how to copy a license key from one server to the other as I cannot update using my older license key.? Do i copy the config.dat file etc ?

Thanks in advance. Ronnie

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Were you able to get any help with this? I'd really like to purchase and use this script but I need a payment processing integration with Stripe and the ability to have the customer pay for the job through the software.

You don't know anyone who has these two integrations at all do you? Or anyone that would be willing to code them?

Daftspunk, are you still working on the Bluebell system? This software is the best I've seen and has all the functionality I need except the above mentioned features. Any suggestions on where I could get those two features created for me if I purchase the software?

The other two options out there from some coders in India have horrible interfaces and are riddled with bugs. Short of creating new software I don't know where else to get a comparable marketplace script.

Thanks! Beau

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