I have a plugin which I have added TinyMCE to. I would like to add a button that adds the Media Manager like the Wysiwyg Editors plugin does for the Backend. I had a look at that plugins settings and note the ocmediamanager plugin but it seems to require the backend Javascript libraries. Is there a way to reference the required libraries to make this work for the frontend. I have seen other posts on adding Media Manager to the front end with no definitive answer.

  1. Follow Laravel Filemanager installation guide here (recommend version 1.9.2 or below because after this version still have a problem with auth middlewares and I don't know how to fix it)

  2. Open /config/lfm.php and add your own assets path for your icon example

    'assets_directory' => '/themes/[your_theme_name]/assets',
  3. remove 'auth' config in middlewares option.

    middlewares' => ['web'],
  4. Open vendor/unisharp/laravel-filemanager/src/views/index.blade.php. We have to replace all css and before and javascript before declarations.

    <style>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/css/cropper.min.css')) !!}</style>
    <style>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/css/mfb.css')) !!}</style>
    <style>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/css/dropzone.min.css')) !!}</style>
    <script>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/js/cropper.min.js')) !!}</script>
    <script>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/js/jquery.form.min.js')) !!}</script>
    <script>{!! \File::get(base_path('vendor/laravel-filemanager/js/dropzone.min.js')) !!}</script>
  5. Open /vendor/unisharp/laravel-filemanager/src/Traits/LfmHelpers.php find $thumb_url and replace the folder.png path instead.

    $thumb_url = asset(config('lfm.assets_directory').'/images/icons/png/folder.png');

All done and serve!!


Yes, it's quite doable. See my Easy Files plugin ( for an example of how I did it.

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