The October Marketplace offers a ratings and reviews system for plugins and themes in an attempt to differentiate between both the quality and the service of different authors. To prevent abuse, users can only give ratings or reviews to plugins or themes that they use (have added to Projects) and can only do so once. As ratings and reviews are not used that much and are subjective, I would like to see some objective tools for measuring the quality and service of authors added to the marketplace.

The Partner credential does not really tell me anything

Since the Partner icon is only a paid-for credential it does not really say anything about an author. For instance, none of the October creators/maintainers use the Partner icon themselves. It should really be called something like Sponsor. I would expect Partners to adhere to some form of quality control so that the term actually means something more than "at least we have enough money to sponsor October and get a link".

Display the author's average response time on the Support Forum (like AirBnB).

To get a better idea of what to expect from an author I would love to see the author's average response time on the Support Forum (like AirBnB).

Display the frequency and dates of updates to themes and plugins more prominently.

Like it says.

Ratings and reviews for users who give ratings and reviews (like AirBnB).

When somebody gives a rating or review I have no way of knowing who that person is. Is is Bill Gates? Is it a total noob? Is it my mother? Is it a jerk?

I would love to see ratings and reviews be mutual. I would love to be able to review users. This way other users have some idea how much value they should attach to an opinion. AirBnB does this.

Add the option of a subscription pricing model for plugins that require it

I will not discuss this here any further as I have already done so in two previous posts.

Read my previous post about sustainable product pricing here

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