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Hi Hessel,

There is a plugin by Lovata itself that implements Omnipay for Shopaholic: https://octobe...

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Hi info34295 ,

You should use different hosts (e.g. and or www.pasca...

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Hi Hessel,

The room quantity option is not yet available.

I have some commercial work that has prio...

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I just started using this plugin and did not have this problem on iOS. The plugin worked fine fo...

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I am only another user of this plugin, but you could modify this in your database table using ph...

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I have done this by adding the following to columns.yaml of the Comments model:


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Like Kabira said: "Plugin works fine for Guest User but for logged user getting following error ...

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At the moment plugin (and theme) authors can:

  • hide plugins (and themes) that they no longer wan...

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In your controller you use: job-my-jobs but in your yaml you use: jop-my-jobs. No matter how you spi...

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Hi Larry,

The confusing flash message is fixed now. Please update to 1.0.4.

Thank you!

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