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I encountered these 2 errors when saving the settings for an October CMS 1.x theme in October CMS 2....

Posted in PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ReflectionException: Class October\Rain\Foundation\Exception\Handler does not exist.

Responsive said:

Hi there,

I have updated to version 2.2.2 but can now not reach CRM pages in my da...

Posted in Page Error with v2.2.2

Mauritak said: BTW: If my memory servers me correctly, Blade is based on Twig so basically it's jus...

Posted in Why Twig?

Hi ranitadero63882,

You are probably just goofing off, but you could be using some form of real encr...

Posted in Job offer Laravel/October CMS

Please check that you have write permission for the folder "storage".

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By the way,

I usually solve this by copy/pasting the password hash of a password I know directly int...

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mjauvin said:

Did you try flushing any cookie to see if that makes a difference?

It would be nice t...

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mjauvin said:

Never had this problem. How did you create this user? What version of October?

  1. Back...

Posted in Impossible connect to backend

Interesting and recurring problem that keeps popping up....

Posted in Impossible connect to backend

Yep, just happened to me!

In my case the bug occurred after changing the password for the backend ad...

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