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I'm trying to set up a relation where an item belongs to a subgroup and the subgroup belongs to a maingroup. (generally speaking)

My objective is to display a list in backend where each item is displayed with its subgroup (this works with a belongsTo relation already) and the maingroup row by row. Should look like this:

| maingroup 1 | subgroup 1a | item aaa |
| maingroup 1 | subgroup 1b | item bbb |
| maingroup 2 | subgroup 2a | item ccc |
| maingroup 3 | subgroup 3a | item ddd |

and so on. Any ideas how to implement this?

[edit: of course the subgroup belongsTo maingroup relations works fine too already ]

Thanks in advance

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You would need three models, Item, Subgroup and Maingroup. Then set up the relationship types accordingly. Then you can include list columns against the Maingroup model.

  label: MainGroup Name

  label: Subgroup Name

  label: Item name

There will most certainly be some performance implications from this, so you should extend the list query to include the relationships as an eager load


Hope this helps

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