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Hello, first I had an old working copy of October CMS which I had to update for a plugin but that update failed (without info). As this wasn't really used yet and I needed that plugin I planned to reinstall if it fails anyays. So for that I already bought a license and followed this page and watched the video:

But the installation process was quite different, I did not have to enter a license key and it directly migrated the demo project. Did I do something wrong, ist there another version? I never worked with Composer before and I am not much experienced with webservers.

I only had to do: composer create-project october/october blog and php artisan october:install

Then I had a working CMS, no idea which version that is, it doesn't show in the backend. Obviously, it did not copy the plugins that I have defined. Then I tried some commands including trying to set the licence key manually but got these issues:

Alt text

I tried manually updating in the backend but got this: Alt text

Please help me, I want that license already so that I can sync all the plugins without too much effort. Octobe CMS used to be super easy to use and set up, for free.

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Hi McDev,

You can find a copy of the upgrade guide here:

You can also see a video tutorial on installing October CMS here:

If you are still having issues upgrading, feel free to send us an email for support.

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