Hello, I'm a newbie in October and I'd appreciate help to implement a frontend form.

Based on the nice tutos of Watch & Learn, I've set a form with a repeater with Builder and it's working.

I understood that the backend forms can't be used for frontend and I'd like to develop the same for frontend.

I'd like to add "articles" and "quantities" to "orders" in a database.

How could I do it ? Should it be done with JQuery ?

Thanks for clues to start...

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Hello Luke,

can you give me arguments for these plugins ?

1) are they secured ?

2) are they a good way to implement business logic in a site, or they are limited to sending forms ?

In other words, should I use Vue.js to provide frontend design on October, as I understand that October is made to design the backend logic and that the frontend should be made in another way ?


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