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One of our user has encountered some very bizarre bug, which none other users have reported and only him so far. When we get the report we thought it's his setup, so whenever the system throw error through the alert, we would record whatever it's shown to the users.

And we often get things like: XD�S�蚲2F��oT�l��a��� ��>O����1����X!�'D�����>ַq�n�ʕ3^��@����� ���G>^�pk���:1��e,��b��JR2


c� @,�F>|�O �k�c=�n���Of���k$�F����i�Eʟd~H��?��H�ahrؒΰ7{�����M���_`KĐ-�"W�!�@�E$)<����*V�W��L \f���5��V��n��X#I�TuU7��H�M�D(׈

Which makes no sense since the error thrown is from our own servers, and it seems everything else transferred just fine. Only the portion that has the gibberish problem seems to be from errors that we don't have any idea what's causing this.

It bugs us to think that may be it's the encoding, but the rest of the site works just fine. only intermittently the system will throw error to the request calls.


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Hi shoguniphicus,

may be it's the encoding

I think you are right here. The output looks like binary that hasn't been translated correctly. There is no way to know where it is coming from by looking at this though.


Would user's internet connection plays a part in the problem? Because we have about 250k users on the systems. Only this user reported such problems. The user access our sites from UK, which is where our servers are hosted as well.

The rest of the users are using it fine. Any idea how to even start debugging from user's network/computer?

Thanks in advance


Some ISPs do rarely manipulate response contents to add things like advertisements but it is next-to-impossible over HTTPS.

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