I have a homepage with a searchbar. After I specified my search and click on the search button, I want to be relinked to another page and I want the queried results to be shown there. How can I do this with Ajax?

I have been trying something like this:

This is my search button:

 <button type="submit" class="btn rehomes-search-btn" id="ajaxSearch">Zoeken</button      

my ajax request is done by this:

{{ form_ajax('onFilterHouses', { update: { 'sections/housesForSale': '#partialHouses', 'sections/paginate': '#partialPaginate' } }) }}

here is my jquery:


$( "#ajaxSearch" ).click(function() {

  var postthis = $('.ajax-form').request();


  return postthis;



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If you're redirecting to another page, I see no point of using AJAX... just use the new location as the form action parameter and do the search from that page's php code section.

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