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I would like to talk about the point of a more extensive files manager in the editor. In the beginning I just created new files but it became a big mess as there were too much files. I started to create folders to manage my files and it makes everything much cleaner.

Now I don't know if I did not find the right option but in the editor there is no feature for creating folders and/or moving files, except in the Assets section. Although I can create folders via ssh/ftp and it works without any problems. The folders are displayed and I also can edit the files in there.

In my eyes it would be awesome to be able to create folders as well as move files in the Editor directly to organize the whole structure a bit better. As already said, if there is such a feature please let me know how to use it.


Hi felix

Folders are created in the Editor section by defining the filename. If you specify the filename as:


Then the three folders will be created for you

Hope this helps

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