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I would like to change some values in my config_form.yaml file (I access it internally). I don't know how to change the "name" value for example, or the "title" in "update" group.

I tried with extendFormFields method in my controller, but it didn't work.

name: Volées
modelClass: XYZ\Ecole\Models\Volee
form: $/xyz/ecole/models/volee/fields.yaml
defaultRedirect: xyz/ecole/volees
    redirect: 'xyz/ecole/volees/update/:id'
    redirectClose: xyz/ecole/volees
    title: 'Update'
    redirect: xyz/ecole/volees
    redirectClose: xyz/ecole/volees

Thank you very much for your help.


From your controller, you should be able to modify the form config with $this->formGetWidget()

$this->formGetWidget()->config['name'] = 'Something Else';

Hi Sam,

Thanks a lot for your reply. But I can't make it work in my controller. I get error Cannot use object of type stdClass as array.

I tried to implement your solution in a formExtendFields($form) method :

public function formExtendFields($form)
        $this->formGetWidget()->config['name'] = 'Something Else';

I also tried

 $form->formGetWidget()->config['name'] = 'Something Else';

but got error "Call to undefined method Backend\Widgets\Form::formGetWidget()" on line 452 of C:\laragon\www\ompp-v2\vendor\october\rain\src\Extension\ExtendableTrait.php.

Where and how should I write your code to make it work ? Thanks a lot for your help !

I use a standard controller, made with de Buider plugin (FormController is implemented).

Regards, Jan

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