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I've been experiencing the following error in my error log:

ErrorException: Object of class Illuminate\Routing\UrlGenerator could not be converted to string in /home/{websiteName}/deploy/releases/{2021ReleaseDate}/storage/cms/twig/6e/{longFileNameWithABunchOfNumbersAndLetters}.php:58

This error is triggered whenever I access sub-pages within this website ( Example of sub-pages:

I don't get the error if I'm navigating to regular pages (parent-level). For example,

It's also triggered whenever I try to create a new page and add a default layout on it. When I preview the page, I get a 500 server error on the front-end, but when I access the error logs, I'm seeing the error above.

Oddly, despite the errors in the error log, the already existing web pages are operating fine. However, when I create new pages via the CMS backend and try to preview them, that's when things stop working... (i.e I get a 500 server error)


A little background on this website. It was built before October CMS required licensing for software upgrades and such. It's currently not affiliated with any project or October CMS account. Latest release on this website dates back to early 2021, it looks like.

This website also has custom themes and plugins that are being used. I have a hunch that the plugin used to manage page building has something possibly to do with this error, at least, it's not parsing well with Twig, it looks like.


  • Any ideas as to what's going on?
  • Am I understanding the error correctly?
  • Has anyone experienced this?
  • Any solutions out there?

Thanks in advance!!


Hey Jeff,

This looks like it could be caused by cache files from an older Laravel version. It helps to clear the cache before upgrading but to be honest I have not seen this particular error before.

The error also suggests it might be related to some bad Twig code. The twig code isn't shown here so it's hard to tell.

I see the site is working now (hopefully). In future, feel free to use the contact page for getting email support with issues like this. Here's the link:


Thanks! You're right, it was an error related to some bad Twig code. I was able to get it resolved. Appreciate the response!

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