A few months back I received the following "compliment":

"Somebody with your experience must work really fast. It's very impressive! Since you are so efficient, surely you can do this for less money?"

So I told them the following story...

A webdeveloper receives a call from a client. Apparantly the client broke something on their website.

The webdeveloper logs in on the website and fixes the issue. The developer phones the client to inform them that the issue is fixed. The client is really impressed with how fast the developer has fixed the issue. “You are the best!” The client exclaims.

A few days later the webdeveloper receives another call from this client. The client has received an invoice for fixing their site and wants to know why they have to pay so much for 5 minutes of work. “Well”, the developer explains,

“You did not pay me for 5 minutes, you paid me for 12 years of experience.”

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