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I have a class called SocialStream located in my plugin directory in /timmarner/socialstream/classes/socialstream.php

In my component i have

 use TimMarner\SocialStream\Classes\SocialSteam;

now if i try to all the class

 public function onRun()

    $settings   = Settings::instance();
    $stream     = new SocialSteam;


i get the error:

 Class 'TimMarner\SocialStream\Classes\SocialSteam' not found

Ive tried all sorts. using composer, namespacing etc. nog joy. If any one could help would be grateful.


Did you add the correct namespace to you Class?

And if you did, eventually, the namespace for the 'use' becomes case-sensitive, so you may try to rename:

socialstream.php to Socialstream.php


Thanks for the reply. your right it was case case-sensitive. renamed my class file to SocialStream.php

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