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Thanks. that worked!

Posted in Extending page properties / custom fields?

Hi, when i use this

 // Only for the CMS Index controller
        if (!$widget->getController() ins...

Posted in Extending page properties / custom fields?


Can you give me an example of how to implement this in my plugin file.

im extending like this


Posted in Tab order

i had same issue after mysql update. just repair the tables and it fixed the issue.

Posted in error: "Form record with an ID of 1 could not be found."


ive setup a layout which uses groups that refers to a YAML config file '~/themes/template/config...

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Im running registerSchedule which send out an email with a link to download a file. however the ...

Posted in getPath() returns localhost

Hi Osarzola

Did you manage to get this working. would love the static page plugin to actually use a ...

Posted in Emulate Static Pages Plugin but with a Database

Do you know how i would override the default Form widget view?

Posted in How to override backend widget partials


Im trying to build a backend theme plugin that completely changes the backend to work with seman...

Posted in Replace Octobers form widget

Thanks. i did that and get another error now.

Type error: Argument 1 passed to October\Rain\Database...

Posted in Method StorageClear\Console\StorageClear::handle() does not exist