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i made some custom plugins for clients with builder, with backend lists and forms. If i try to update these websites (most of them are on 436 or below) all the backend list of my custom plugins disappears, the content part of the backend is completely empty. I first noticed it at version 437. There is no error in console, nothing in ocms system log. Even in the HTML source the main content part is completely empty.

Anybody had this problem when upgrading a custom plugin from version below 437 to 437+, or any idea how i can debug this issue?

regards, Gabor


Hi Gabor, This sounds frustrating!

Just to recap:

  1. This problem occurs when updating installations of October CMS < 436
  2. Your plugin was created with the Builder Plugin
  3. The content part is completely empty on the list view of your plugin


  • The content part is completely empty on the list view of your plugin. Meaning ONLY the menu bars are still visible or de the column names of your list appear as well?
  • Can you still access the forms by URL (e.g. add "/update/1" to the URL of your empty list)?

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