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Hi Folks,

I've installed Laravel DataTables package into my OctoberCMS installation by adding yajra/laravel-datatables: 1.5, to my composer file.
However function of Datatables works fine on my frontend now, it seems there is a conflict between October's and Laravel's Facades as intallation of the package killed my backend. I receive error message Method getSessionKey does not exist. ~\vendor\laravelcollective\html\src\FormBuilder.php line 1482 on some of the backend pages.

I have checked and it seems Datatables package installed laravelcollection/html package which probably conflicts with Octobers packages.
I tried to remove laravelcollection/html package but it seems it is essential for Datatables package.
Could you please help me how could I solve this problem to make this two package work together in peace?

Thanks in advance!


Hi vimre

The HTML packages are practically identical and introduce the same object in the IOC container. So removing it should work and not essential.

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