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Mathilde Escher Stiftung
Mathilde Escher Stiftung


I just updated one of my October v1 to v2 with deploy plugin. It all went well, but I'm experience some after update issues. This is what I did (I write down all the steps in hope that this may help someone else):

  1. Duplicate page v1 on server with new subdomain, so there's no downtime and I'm able to test before
  2. Setup a new October v2 on my local server with DB from v1
  3. Copy storage, own themes and own plugins to v2 local page from v1 page
  4. Install vendor plugins used for the page
  5. Install deploy plugin on local v2 page
  6. Don't forget to backup everthing
  7. Download beacon and deploy it to v1 page on server (if you wonder: you need to overwrite the index.php file and the bootstrap folder with beacon files on server)
  8. Check that beacon is connected and follow the steps in the deploy plugin interface on local v2 version

This all worked very well.

Now to my issue: When I try to upload a logo and a favicon to the backend, I get a console error:

[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 229ms]

It seems that this folder is not there. Is this a permissions issue?

Uploads to the media library work well.

I'm using October v2.2.10 on PHP 7.4.

My folder permission of storage is 775.

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Mathilde Escher Stiftung
Mathilde Escher Stiftung

Sorry! This was just my bad:

I forgot to also deploy the config file. So if you experience any similar issue, please check if you did this step!


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