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I'm modifying the OctoCase plugin and I'm wanting to add some ajax functionality to it.

I've added an AJAX handler to the components\Items.php

public function onPortfolioItemClick()
    $this['result'] = "This is the result";

I've added the Items component to a page as following:

{% component 'octocaseItems' %}

Below I added a little test using the AJAX Data attributes API:

<form data-request="octocaseItems::onPortfolioItemClick" data-request-update="ajaxResult: '#result'">
    <input type="submit" value="Calculate">
<div id="#result"></div>

ajaxResult partial is as simple as This is the result: {{ result }}

But when I click the submit button, I see the ajax loading bar on top but then a dialog appears saying: Cannot use object of type \OctoDevel\OctoCase\Components\Items as array

What am I missing?


Does anyone ever answer any support threads here?


maybe you should try to convert it to array?

$items = Items::all(); return $items->toArray();

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