Build 115 has renamed all instances of "Email" to "Mail". This will leave some harmless artifacts behind.

Note this is entirely optional but if you want to keep your system clean and remove them, follow these instructions.

Delete files and folders:

  • modules\system\models\emaillayout\
  • modules\system\models\emailsettings\
  • modules\system\models\emailtemplate\
  • modules\system\models\EmailTemplate.php
  • modules\system\models\EmailLayout.php
  • modules\system\models\EmailSettings.php
  • modules\system\controllers\EmailLayouts.php
  • modules\system\controllers\EmailTemplates.php
  • modules\system\controllers\emailtemplates\
  • modules\system\controllers\emaillayouts\
  • modules\backend\views\emails\
  • plugins\rainlab\user\views\emails\

Rename method references:

  • registerEmailTemplates to registerMailTemplates

Rename model references:

  • EmailTemplate to MailTemplate
  • EmailLayout to MailLayout

Run SQL:

DROP TABLE system_mail_layouts;
DROP TABLE system_mail_templates;
RENAME TABLE system_email_layouts TO system_mail_layouts;
RENAME TABLE system_email_templates TO system_mail_templates;
DELETE FROM migrations WHERE migration = '2013_10_01_000008_Db_System_Email_Templates';
DELETE FROM migrations WHERE migration = '2013_10_01_000009_Db_System_Email_Layouts';
UPDATE system_settings SET item = 'system_mail_settings' WHERE item = 'system_email_settings';

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The update deleted all my Mail Templates .. :(


Ah yes, I forgot to mention this, if you want to keep your email templates, run the SQL above and it will rename the tables for you. Otherwise the registered mail templates should recreate themselves automatically.

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