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Has anyone else noticed this?

Build 376. Might have happened with older builds too. Browser Chromium v.53

Sequence to reproduce:

  1. Log in to backend.
  2. Do stuff...
  3. Log out ('Sign out')
  4. October shows Log in screen
  5. Shut down OS without shutting down browser
  6. Reboot
  7. Re-start browser
  8. Go to http://TLD/backend
  9. Already logged in! (sometimes)

I noticed this too. i log out and it takes me to the login screen, but hit enter with no credentials and the session is still alive.


the offending code for this issue is vendor/october/rain/src/Auth/Manager.php line 448:


The solution I used was is to create a new plugin to manage my backend layout and methods:

php artisan create:plugin Acme.BackEndSkin

create a new controller for Auth in your plugin

php artisan create:controller Acme.BackEndSkin Auth

Extend that controller with Backend\Controllers\Auth and then create a signout method

    public function signout()
    return Backend::redirect('backend');

Then copy the folder from backend/skins/

cp -r ./backend/skins ./plugins/acme/backendskin/skins

Then modify the logout link in _mainmenu.htm to somenthing like this

   a href="<?= Backend::url('acme/backendskin/auth/signout') ?>"

next create new class that extends Backend\Skins\Standard

namespace Acme\BackendSkin\Skins;

use Backend\Skins\Standard;

class BackendSkin extends Standard
    public function getLayoutPaths()
        return [base_path() . '/plugins/acme/backendskin/layouts', 
                    $this- >skinPath.'/layouts'];

then open up your config/cms.php

    //'backendSkin' => 'Backend\Skins\Standard',
'backendSkin' => 'Acme\BackendSkin\Skins\BackendSkin',

It looks like more work than it is, and when you are done you will now have the ability to customize the backend till your heart is content.

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