Hello to all,

After 3 months of work, from August to October, one month of beta and bughunting in November 2016, in December we finally let work It's a multilingual site for training drivers in Denmark. It was actually a full rewrite of an existing site that used an unbelievable mix of Joomla, Silverlight, custom stuff, flash, Google something page generator, etc. I had to use the existing database, which contained about 22k users. Had to transform data from database and preserve test results of old students.

Site provides theory tests, audio/image/text lessons, video lessons, online book with theory, etc. for students. It provides more less the same things for driving schools but with interface adapted to show on projectors, plus student management, coupons for students, etc. It has a shop, blog, etc.

Particularly interesting is that I used AngularJS for tests and lessons.

So there it is, I'd like some feedback and ego-boosting :). Also any criticism. Seriously, any critic is welcome.

Thank you all, and especially, of course, thanks to Samuel and Aleksey for the wonderful CMS we all love.

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