October CMS Version 3.0: Built on Laravel 9

Posted in Announcements on May 05, 2022

Hello everyone ,

Today we are excited to announce that the third version of October CMS is now available! Version 3 is built on Laravel 9 and comes with many important features.

Laravel 9

Laravel 9 was released on February 8th, 2022 and continues the improvements made in early versions. The ninth release includes a variety of bug fixes, security and usability improvements. You can read the full release notes on the Laravel website.


One of the most anticipated features is the Tailor tool, which allows developers to save hours and days of their time. October CMS is already known for its ease of use, and Tailor makes it even easier to create custom content types and user interfaces. To demonstrate how October CMS Tailor can speed up your development workflow, we’ve recorded a video tutorial demonstrating how to create a custom blog solution from scratch. The tutorial covers the entire process, from defining the new content types to displaying the content on the website. You can now do it without creating database tables, coding model classes, programming the back-end content management pages and doing the usual tedious steps.

CMS-driven APIs

Another important update is the CMS-driven API endpoints. They offer an easy way to create JSON APIs based on CMS templates and components. Instead of coding an API in PHP, you can now quickly compose it as a set of CMS pages using simple Twig tags. Tailor CMS components are supported too, so you can create an API ready for content managed by Tailor! Read the APIs documentation.

List filters

This is a major update with regards to back-end list filtering. We have reworked the original filtering implementation using the flexibility of back-end forms as inspiration, which allows developers more freedom in building custom filter scopes for their application needs! Read more on list filters.

Documentation improvements

We have also undertaken a major revision of the platform documentation. The existing content was restructured and simplified so that it is easier to navigate and understand. We've added several new sections to address the new features. You can read the updated documentation here.

Other updates

There are a dozen of other updates in the new release. Many of them were requested by our community, and we look forward to seeing new great projects built on October CMS! To see the full list of updates, read the Version 3.0 Release Note.

Upgrading to Version 3

Version 3 is now in the Beta phase, so we don't recommend using it for projects that you are planning to release soon. Please note that the update is not backward-compatible. There are new server requirements, and your code may require some changes, especially if you are upgrading from Version 1. Please refer to the Release Notes to understand the new requirements and possible incompatibilities.

Future plans

The October CMS team is always excited to see new projects being developed on our platform. We're grateful that developers and companies choose October CMS as their primary development tool. It is clear now that adopting the semantic versioning earlier in 2021 was the right decision. It allows us to follow Laravel's release schedule and makes it possible for developers to use the newest tools. We have even more improvements waiting on our to-do list. One of the ideas is extending Tailor with the ability to handle front-end forms that would allow you to implement commenting or contact forms with ease, in a matter of minutes.

Thanks for your trust and support!

The October CMS team

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