October CMS Stable Version 3.1 is Live!

Posted in Announcements on Oct 06, 2022

October CMS stable version 3.1 is live! In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve the platform, and we hope you will find the new features helpful in your projects!

Stable release based on Laravel 9

First of all, this is a stable version of October CMS based on Laravel 9. You can use it in production, and there will be no breaking changes until the end of version 3. We’ve implemented many improvements in version 3 since its announcement in May of this year.


Multisite is a long-awaited feature that allows you to maintain and display website content in multiple languages and much more! Multisite is a first-class citizen of the platform. After defining your languages (sites), you can choose a language in the main back-end menu and manage content in that language. And it's not only about languages. With Multisite, you can manage content visibility or completely change the website appearance based on a user location. The feature is fully supported by Tailor and can easily be added to any custom model class. Watch a video demonstration of Multisite or read the documentation.

New Vanilla JavaScript AJAX framework with Turbo Router

With the updated platform, you can finally break the dependency on jQuery. Our new front-end JavaScript framework is written in pure vanilla JavaScript and doesn't require any extra dependencies. The new framework is a drop-in replacement for the old one. It can still work with jQuery if you use it on your website. Learn more about the new front-end framework.

The Turbo Router is a brand new feature of the front-end framework. It can dramatically increase the speed of website pages. Turbo Router accelerates links and forms submissions by negating the need for full-page reloads. Learn more about Turbo Router.

Web installer and one-click updates

In the new version, the web installer and one-click updates have returned. Although the features look similar to what we had in version 1, they internally use Composer and are interchangeable with Composer. You can now use October CMS 3.1+ on hosting platforms without the need for SSH access. Download the web installer here.

Nested back-end permissions

We improved the backend user permission model by making permissions nested. You can now use the dot character in permission codes to indicate nesting. For example, if you have a permission code manage_entries you can define a permission with code manage_entries.create and manage_entries.publish. The user must be granted the manage_entries to access the create and publish permissions. In the permission management user interface it is represented as a tree structure.

We also implemented a new user role ranking system. Now users can only manage other users having roles with lower ranks. Learn more about the user permissions and roles improvements.

We hope you found this update as exciting as we do! Read the release notes for more details.

Thanks for your trust and support!

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