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Starter development template for building Zurb Foundation 6 themed October CMS sites.

This theme was initially based on f5fresh, the main reason I made this theme was because f5fresh is based on Foundation 5 and I needed Foundation 6 (and waiting was not an option).


Note that the theme doesn't contain any pages.

Wait! We already the have Blank Foundation 6 theme!

Yes, I know, but the build system in this theme is a bit more complete as you can also compile your Javascript (not just SCSS) and you can use bower to manager your front-end dependencies. Another big difference is that I have a Github repo so anyone can contribute code. I tried to find a repo for Blank Foundation 6, but it seems there's none.


Add the theme to existing project while logged into OctoberCMS account online, or interactively by searching it inside Settings/System/Updates/Themes in backend, or with the following command-line instructions inside project root:

php artisan theme:install zietbukuel.oktober-foundation
php artisan theme:use oktober-foundation

One-time Development Environment Setup

Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager globally. Run the following command-line instructions inside theme root:

npm install -g gulp bower
npm install && bower install

Using and Editing

Custom styles should be in assets/scss/app.scss, scripts in assets/es6/app.js. Development changes can be automated with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp watch

Build optimized, minified, autoprefixed assets with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp --production

Customizing Foundation

Global Foundation styling parameters should be modified in assets/scss/_settings.scss Comment out unwanted styles and scripts for leaner and faster Foundation custom build: assets/scss/_foundation6.scss assets/es6/app.js

  • Found the theme useful on 30 Aug, 2016

    I had to change my .htaccess to make fontAwesome work (which is stored in /bower_components/ inside theme folder). However, this is a great starting point for theme development with foundation :)


Updating Foundation to v6.4.3

Oct 14, 2017


Added image optimization. Removed Bower. Implemented Yarn. Gulpfile.js improvements.

May 28, 2017


Built demo site.

Feb 10, 2017


Updating packages and README.

Feb 09, 2017


Using gulp-clean-css instead of gulp-minify-css.

Jul 18, 2016


Fixed gulp watch.

Jun 07, 2016


Fixed the order foundation.core.js should be in app.js.

Jun 05, 2016


Initial Oktober Foundation theme with Gulp-built frontend resources.

Jun 04, 2016