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Simple and elegant single-page portfolio theme for October CMS. This is port of HTML5 UP’s Identity theme.

It is very straight-forward to install and use and there are no plugin dependencies. Check out the theme’s customize section to define various fields such as site name, photo source, etc. Read documentation to know more. Enjoy!

Identity Theme by HTML5 UP ported into OctoberCMS.

Photo Source

This is one of the fields that can be set in the theme customisation section. Currently, it support the following selections:

  1. Custom - The image will be taken from the path themes/identity/assets/images/profile.png. So, you can upload your photo to that location if you are using this selection.
  2. Facebook - Select it, and then fill in your facebook profile ID in the next field (you can obtain your Facebook ID by pasting your facebook profile URL in Find my Facebook ID). This will show your facebook profile picture in the center of the website and will be referenced. Therefore any changes to your facebook profile photo will also be reflected on your website.
  3. Backend - The image of the main backend user will appear in the website. Note: If you select this option but do not upload a photo to the backend user then it will fallback to using Custom photo as Photo Source.

Usage License

This theme is derived from HTML5 UP’s Identity theme so it derives the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


Initial Theme

Feb 18, 2016