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No-Nonsense Blank Starter Theme for OctoberCMS.

This is not a theme to be used to slap together a website by tossing it on a server, slapping some plugins on it, and calling it a day. This is a theme to use when you want to build it yourself, but you're tired of having to do the same old boilerplate to start the project every time.


  • Animate.css (for when your client wants it to pop)
  • Normalize.css (because browsers suck am I right?)
  • FontAwesome5 (you get an icon and you get an icon and everyone gets an icon!)
  • GoogleAnalytics (track all the things!)
  • Bootstrap-Grid-Only (because Bootstrap is gross but apparently it's the only way devs know how to layout grids)
  • Favicons generated by RealFaviconGenerator.net (because favicons are a nice touch)
  • OctoberCMS Backend FlashMessages and Loaders support (for that sweet sweet functionality)

Theme comes with support for RainLab.Pages and organizes everything in a sane boilerplate layout so that you can just start making the next greatest thing.

This theme is organized in the manner that I personally consider to make the most sense for an OctoberCMS theme and is meant to be used as a boilerplate starter theme for all of my projects.


The theme comes with one layout default.htm that simply boots the theme by generating the nav menus and then rendering the header.htm partial, the {% page %} and then the footer.htm partial.


The theme comes with two CMS pages 404.htm and error.htm by default (both of them OctoberCMS error handling pages) and three RainLab.Pages static pages (Home, About, Contact). The navigation menu is handled by RainLab.Pages.


The theme comes with two groups of partials: tmpl for handling the structure of the theme and meta for handling tags within the document head.

  • featured-image.htm: Helper for rendering a featured image with other content
  • footer.htm: The site footer and also where theme scripts are placed
  • header.htm: The site header, includes the DOCTYPE declaration, the head section and the opening body tag.
  • nav-items.htm: Renders the nav menu items based on RainLab.Pages navigation data
  • favicons.htm: For the favicon related tags
  • seo.htm: For the SEO related tags
  • styles.htm: For loading the theme styles and webfonts


Assets are split into the following folders under theme/assets:

  • favicons: Favicon asset files generated by RealFaviconGenerator.net
  • images: Theme design images, logos, etc.
  • js: Theme Javascript files
  • less: Theme styles
  • vendor: Any other theme assets that are external dependencies

Initial version

Jul 10, 2018