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Main purpose of the theme is to create empty SaaS application using Cumulus plugin.

Now you can install bare Cumulus application with a single click of a mouse.

Have fun guys! :)

These plugin(s) are required for the theme:

Default cluster dashboard page

The theme has basic functionality that should boost writing a SaaS app.

Any questions and suggestions very appreciated :)


Removed clusterDashboard component (it was moved to cumulusPlus plugin)

Sep 07, 2018


Small Bootstrap 4 fixes (thanks to @Adrion)

Sep 07, 2018


FontAwesome included in project, faster loading and some fixes

Mar 16, 2018


Moved to Bootstrap 4 (Bootswatch/Litera) and Font Awesome 5

Jan 23, 2018


First version of Cumulus theme (03.01.2018)

Jan 04, 2018