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The theme is a skeleton of multi language SaaS application built with Cumulus plugin.

The simplest way to see what is its doing watch the video:

Cumulus demo video thumbnail

Installing the theme will install the following plugins:

  • all plugins required by Cumulus plugin,
  • RainLab.Translate (for multi-language support) which you definitely should consider for every app you are creating,
  • CumulusDemo which gives you the ability to seed example data for your new app using one command.

By using the theme you can install bare Cumulus application with a single click of a mouse and one command. But remember that this set is just a suggestion, skeleton.

Cumulus does not require this theme or CumulusDemo plugin. It is fully up to you how you use it.

The following plugins are required

This theme is an example skeleton of a SaaS application. In conjunction with Cumulus Demo plugin you can create new app within seconds. Just install the theme and run php artisan cumulus:seed command.

See Cumulus Demo plugin documentation for more info about the php artisan cumulus:seed command.

As I have wrote before you do not have to use the Cumulus theme or Cumulus Demo plugin to build applications using Cumulus. Although this is a great place to start and boost the creation of your new SaaS app.


If you want just see what the Cumulus plugin bare environment can do for you see the video:

Cumulus demo video thumbnail

or visit the live demo page.

Theme config


You can configure the theme a little using variables. Those fields can be customized in backend settings:

  • website name
  • logo
  • favicon
  • author
  • author url
  • description


For current translations see config/lang.yaml file. If you want to add translations to your language just create a PR on GitHub.

If you cannot see the translated string properly, go to Backend settings -> Translate messages and click Scan for messages. You can tick the Purge all messages first if you do not have translated any messages manually. All messages will be get from config/lang.yaml file then.



The theme is build with:


The theme contains the following pages.


  • error pages (403, 404, 503)
  • login page
  • register page


  • choose cluster page
  • cluster dashboard page
  • update profile page

Feature pages:

What is more the theme includes example pages for example features. Pages this and that are for clusters with access to free feature and awesome-stuff page is for clusters with access paid feature. What is more this page contains content visible only for clusters that has access to paid feature.


The theme contains the following layouts:

  • public - for public pages like login or register page
  • session-guarded - for system pages that requires only logged in session
  • cumulus-guarded - for system pages that requires a user to be signed in and assigned to particular cluster (guarded by Cumulus Guard component)
  • free-feature - for feature pages which are protected by Feature Guard so that only those clusters with access to free feature can enter them
  • paid-feature - for feature pages which are protected by Feature Guard so that only those clusters with access to paid feature can enter them

free-feature and paid-feature are of course protected by Cumulus guard and Session components as well.

Menu (navigation)

The layout contains menu created using RainLab.Pages plugin.

The menu looks like this:

Static menu of Cumulus demo


Added RainLab.Pages as a dependency

Nov 09, 2018


!!! Cumulus 2.0.0 compatibility. Read CumulusCore upgrade guide.

Nov 08, 2018


Removed clusterDashboard component (it was moved to cumulusPlus plugin)

Sep 07, 2018


Small Bootstrap 4 fixes (thanks to @Adrion)

Sep 07, 2018


FontAwesome included in project, faster loading and some fixes

Mar 16, 2018


Moved to Bootstrap 4 (Bootswatch/Litera) and Font Awesome 5

Jan 23, 2018


First version of Cumulus theme (03.01.2018)

Jan 04, 2018