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Flametree Theme

The Flametree Theme which is a demo theme for the GodSpeed.Essentials plugins. It provides features such as Membership Portal pages, blog announcements pages, Producers page, Producer Product page and etc.

Theme Customization

This theme support customization on primary and secondary theme colour which can be changed in the customizable theme page.

Developer Documentation

This theme is built up using Bootstrap CSS Framework, VueJS. Knowledge of these two frameworks is mandatory in order to understand how the code gets executed.

Theme Development Tools

To perform the development for this theme, NPM or Yarn is required to download the dependency library and webpack compiler.

To install all the frontend library assets

# Using Yarn
themes/flametree-theme/ $ yarn
# Using NPM
themes/flametree-theme $ npm install

Once installed, a node_modules folder will present in your theme folder directory, DO NOT commit this directory to the version control, by default it should be listed in .gitignore.

Theme Directory Structure

All the Vue components are stored in assets/vue/components directory, you can create your own component in this directory. The public folders which include all the output of the webpack assets.

By default, SCSS is used to style the frontend pages.

VueJS Component Registration

If you create a Vue component inside Vue components directory, you need to register your components in the component-repo.js which is located in assets/js/.

Build Configuration

By default, a webpack.mix.js Laravel Mix configuration is specified in the theme folder, you can modify this configuration such as adding more SCSS file to compile.

Watch the build

To enable hot reload, and monitoring how code changes affect the result of the frontend. By running yarn run watch or npm run watch command in the theme directory. This will boot up the proxy server created by browser-sync. In addition, the configuration for the proxy URL is required to set to ensure the browser-sync proxy the correct domain.


Improve the login page, Video Player UI layout such as margin and scaling, update the announcement-basic-card vue component layout to flexbox.

May 30, 2020


Added parallex effect properties attribute to Hero.vue component

May 26, 2020


Fix theme customization setting run time error due to reference a partial that is not exist

May 21, 2020


Add Site Title generator

May 21, 2020


Theme Customization Capability

May 21, 2020