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Vario is a clean, modern, mobile-first theme built for 2017! Vario is built to load quickly and is easily customizable. It can be edited either with HTML or via the Static Pages plugin (see documentation if using the static pages plugin).

The theme is built on the modern Kube Framework (https://imperavi.com/kube/), which emphasizes design, minimalism, and typography. It uses an easily customizable flexbox grid.


  • Different color themes (".red-theme", ".silver-theme" or default white) which can be changed by simply changing the class on the body tag. Removing the class will switch to the default white theme which can easily be customized with your own colors or left as it is.
  • Three pages, plus a blog
  • Multiple components ready to be added including:
    • Three header variations
    • Three footer styles
    • Three grid patterns
    • A carousel
    • Additional components for tabs, breadcrumbs, pricing plans and more

Layout Files

If editing HTML, use the standard vario.htm layout file for each page. If editing via Static Pages plugin, use the vario-static.htm layout file.

Static Pages

Support for Static Pages plugin is in beta and may require a small amount of setup. If using the static header you will need to change the component HTML for the CSS to apply correctly and to change the logo. You can see an example of this here: https://github.com/andreobriennz/Vario-Theme-OctoberCMS/tree/master/plugins/rainlab/pages/components/staticmenu However, this only applies if editing the header with the static pages plugin.


Tweeks to styling including centering the header and minor html changes

Jul 14, 2017


Tweeks to styling, html and contact form

Jul 05, 2017


Theme initialization

Jun 29, 2017