Build 273 - Update to Model::save() method

Release Note 3

The save() method of a model will change in the next build (273+). This is an undocumented feature and it should be rarely used, however, some areas of the core files used it and just in case this pattern was copied, we want to announce this change.

The change is actually a fix since the method was not compatible with Eloquent. In October, the first argument was used to pass in the save data. In Eloquent, the first argument is used to pass in saving options. This was a mistake that was not picked up since the early days, so we are correcting it to ensure compatibility with Laravel and its packages.

Please check your code for instances of ->save() and ensure the first argument is not being used for save data, otherwise this data will be ignored in the upcoming build. Below is how to patch your code if you do discover it. You can patch the code immediately and do not need to wait for the latest build.

Here is the old way:

$data = [...];

Here is the new way:

$data = [...];
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