Versioning Change

Release Note 12

October has switched to a new versioning model with the introduction of the minor version number.

As part of the recent upgrade to the next Laravel LTS version, the versioning system for October CMS has been improved. October CMS is seen as an evergreen product, with the concept of only increasing the build numbers to distinguish different versions. This is a result of our commitment to never introduce breaking changes, which has been the case since day one.

The current Laravel LTS version had a long life span and powers many websites today. A method is needed to still provide security updates to these existing websites, especially if they are unable to upgrade to the latest framework or PHP version.

We are therefore moving to a new versioning scheme where the major version (v1) number will remain 1 to reflect our committment to stability in our updates, but the minor version number (v1.x) will now increment when releasing updates that could affect your dependencies (i.e. Laravel framework upgrades). The patch number (v1.0.x) will continue to reflect the ongoing updates / builds, but will be reset every time the minor version changes. This change also affects the branches available on GitHub, the master branch has been removed and replaced with the following:

  • develop - Where active development takes place
  • 1.0 - Stable build running Laravel 5.5 (previously master)
  • 1.1 - Stable build running Laravel 6.0

It is important to note that since October CMS is still evergreen, whenever a minor version is officially released, all active support will switch to that version and the previous version will no longer be supported. Only security issues in the core will be patched in prior versions. As such, we highly recommend always staying up to date with the latest version of October CMS. We will continue to ensure that all updates, regardless of version, will avoid breaking changes introduced by Laravel upgrades. We remain as ever committed to the security and stability of your projects.

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