Build 452

Changelog Note 452

Return 404 when attempting to visit /error directly when debugging mode disabled. Added ability to make wildcard URL parameters optional.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Force values that would overflow a .form-control container to wrap to the next line instead of overflowing the field
  • Fixed minor visual glitch in the Insert URL popup of Froala

API Changes

  • Added oc.inputPreset.beforeUpdate JS event to the input.preset.js logic
  • Added support for optional $options parameter to the FormController's formRenderField($name, $options) method to be passed to the Form widget's renderField($name, $options) method.
  • Added role="form" attribute to output of Form::open()
  • Added automatic conversion of array notation to dot notation in validation rules (attribute[nested] to attribute.nested, etc)
  • Added cache attribute to attributes supported by addJs($script, $attributes) to enable disabling the CloudFlare RocketLoader which causes issues in the backend.
  • Simplified how the Repeater FormWidget works internally which should resolve some sporadic issues.
  • Now using an embedded Form widget to process FileUpload file properties (like title and description). This enables dynamic extension of this form.
  • Added automatic mimetype detection of .svg files as image/svg+xml
  • Added relationGetManageWidget() and relationGetViewWidget() methods to the RelationController behavior.
  • Added hasFatalError() and getFatalError() methods to the ErrorMaker trait
  • Return 404 when attempting to visit /error directly when debug mode disabled
  • Added ability to make wildcard URL parameters optional.
  • Added support for morphOne relations in backend list columns

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the DataTable FormWidget being unable to dynamically get dropdown options
  • Fixed issue where Form widgets attached to the CMS backend controller would have a different alias on every request causing features that relied on consistent aliases to break (namely grouped repeaters in the CMS / RainLab.Pages section)
  • Fixed issue where the text filter used a hardcoded widget alias instead of getEventHandler()
  • Fixed issue where when inserting an image with the mediafinder into a richeditor field, the image could sometimes be inserted at the top of the content instead of where the cursor was when it was originally selected
  • Fix ability to clear RecordFinder fields when useRelation is set to false
  • Fixed issues introduced in Build #449 with regards to the "Image not found" message showing up at incorrect times for the MediaFinder formwidget
  • Fixed a bug where track-input triggered requests could return incorrect results by waiting until input is finished to fire requests triggered by tracking input
  • Fixed bug where inserting a link reference to a home page (/) in the RichEditor through the page selection dialog would actually insert an empty link reference instead.
  • Fixed issue where a scheduled command could be run before the database is initially populated which could cause issues if that command attempted to access the database.
  • Fixed support for Laravel's automatic package discovery feature

Security Improvements

  • Prevent public functions on backend ControllerBehaviors from being run as controller actions unless intended to do that.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Arabic translation
  • Improved Hungarian translation
  • Improved Spanish (Argentina) translation

Performance Improvements

  • Added preloading of all essential scripts in the backend to improve performance
  • Improved performance when utilizing remote storage drivers by caching the results of hasFile().
  • Cached the parsed theme configuration to improve performance on subsequent page loads


  • Updated jQuery from V3.3.1 to V3.4.0
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