Build 447

Changelog Note 447

Add support for data-request-url in the data attributes AJAX API.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Added Backend 404 page, throw 404 instead of an exception on missing backend controller actions when debug mode is disabled.
  • Added "Go to previous page" link to the Backend Access Denied page

API Changes

  • Renamed the Lists widget's prepareModel() method to prepareQuery() instead.
  • Provided the containing Form widget to FormWidgetBases instances as $widget->getParentForm() to enable complex FormWidgets to correctly obtain their containing Form widget instance.
  • Implemented automatic backend URL generation for protected file's getPath() and getThumb() methods
  • Added returnResponse parameter to output() and outputThumb() methods on the October\Rain\Database\Attach\File class to return Response objects instead of outputting the response headers and content directly.
  • Added validateUserModel() method to the AuthManager class to provide an opportunity to reject a user's login
  • Added step, min, & max options to the number field type.
  • Added support for the recordfinder FormWidget to be used without a relationship definition through the useRelation: false and modelClass config properties
  • Added support for the brand.faviconPath config option (and backend customization option) to load a custom favicon for the backend to use
  • Added support for the data-request-url attribute to change the URL that the AJAX API fires an AJAX request to
  • Added getClassMethods() method to the ExtendableTrait as a replacement for get_class_methods() to include the dynamic methods that are available within the class as well
  • File models will now attempt to get the backend files controller path instead of the public path for private files. This may be a breaking change if you had previously misconfigured your server so that the private upload directory was publicly accessible and you were relying on private files being visible to public visitors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when the user's current page number for the list widget no longer existed (for any number of reasons) causing them to become stuck on a non-existent page. Fixed by using the last available page number in that case.
  • Fixed Filter options being escaped twice (once by Mustache, once by the internal options retrieval logic)
  • Fixed being unable to detect the Enter and Backspace / Delete keys in the keydown.oc.richeditor event by attaching the event before internal Froala capturing events are run.
  • Fix the input trigger API where a form element doesn't exist
  • Fixed returning false from model.beforeValidate not halting the validation process.
  • Fixed FormWidgets not picking up the correct previewMode setting from their parent Form on AJAX requests that do not call the parent Form's render() method.
  • Reduced reliance on the CMS module from the Backend module to improve stability of instances that just use the Backend and System modules (i.e. web applications)
  • Only translate default values when they are strings (not arrays as in the case of default values for Repeaters).
  • Fixed display of the "Clear search" button in various contexts
  • Improved error messages in the YAML parser
  • Fixed issue from Build 444 where tabs and tables were no longer horizontally scrollable on touch devices
  • Fixed issue with simplePaginate using Laravel's translation system for Next & Previous which doesn't work in October
  • Fixed insidious bug where HasOne relationship's getSimpleValue would return the key of the parent record, not of the actual related record.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Build 446 where some media URLs would contain the base folder twice in a row
  • Fixed issue with expanding / collapsing the side menu items within the backend settings section
  • Fixed the Repeater's "Add item" (grouped mode) popover in a popup context
  • Fixed dropdown's support for the placeholder attribute.

Security Improvements

  • Added escaping to more variables to prevent potential XSS attacks

Community Improvements

  • Now running automatic CI tests with PHP 7.3

Documentation Improvements

  • Added better documentation on how to register custom validation rules within plugins, credit to Ben Thomson
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