October Pond

Start using October instantly, update your production servers safely.

Local website management

October Pond includes a free macOS or Windows application that allows you to manage all your local October projects.

With Pond you can start using October even if you don’t have any experience in web development. It includes everything for running October websites on your computer. To start with October you don’t need any other applications or services e.g. Apache or MySQL. You’re just three clicks away from using October!

For experienced developers and teams Pond provides more sophisticated options - use your own LAMP stack, managed Docker and Vagrant environments. When you create a new website, Pond automatically configures the local environment and installs October into it.

Automated deployment

Pond takes the burden out of deploying your October projects and makes updates quick and safe. When you’re ready to roll out new features from development to your DigitalOcean production environment just click the Deploy button! Pond can completely provision a new DigitalOcean Droplet to run October websites.

Tuned for October

Pond respects the structure of complex October projects and can update public plugins, installed from the Marketplace, private plugins, website theme and the October core. For each deployment you can choose which of these you'd like to update.

Safe updates

Pond uses a safe blue-green deployment technique that reduces downtimes and risk. In most cases updating your website is instant for visitors.

Multiple environments are supported for your production, staging, development, experiments, feature acceptance testing and other needs. Each environment can be updated separately from its own git branch.


The local website management tool for Windows and macOS is FREE to use. The optional deployment service has a simple pricing structure:

$1 per deployment

Great for rare deployments and maintaining existing projects.

$20 per month

Perfect for multiple projects in the active development phase.

Stay tuned!

October Pond is currently in development. Register for the launch notification to show your interest and support the October team.

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