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This plugin provides a filesystem driver for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. Please see the documentation for instructions on how to configure the plugin.


Backblaze B2 Storage Driver

This October CMS plugin allows you to use the Backblaze B2 cloud storage service as a filesystem on your installation.


To use B2 Cloud Storage, you need to have a Backblaze account. You can get an account by signing up at backblaze.com. After enabling B2 for your account, you will have access to your Account ID and Application Key that lets you use the API. (https://www.backblaze.com/b2/docs/)

Plugin Settings

The plugin is configured in your October CMS filesystems.php and cms.php.


Edit your filesystems.php to add a disk called "backblaze" that uses the b2 driver:

return [


  'disks' => [
    'backblaze' => [
      'driver'           => 'b2',
      'bucketName'       => '<your bucket name>',
      'applicationKeyId' => '<application key id>',
      'applicationKey'   => '<application key>'



You can also use your account ID and master application key instead of application keys, however this is not recommended.


Edit your cms.php to configure the media manager to use your "backblaze" disk:

return [


  'storage' => [
    'media' => [
      'disk'   => 'backblaze',
      'folder' => '',
      'path'   => 'https://f000.backblazeb2.com/file/<your bucket name>'



The folder specifies a "prefix" inside the bucket to store files (useful if you have a namePrefix restriction on your application key). The path specifies the public URL of your bucket (no trailing slash), which can be obtained from the Backblaze B2 dashboard. If you have setup a subdomain to point to your bucket, replace the f000.backblazeb2.com with your custom domain.

Known Limitations

  • The Backblaze B2 API does not support moving or renaming objects. You will have to delete the remote object and upload it again.

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Mar 25, 2019