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A simple chat window for users and guests for October CMS. You can place a component with chat on any page and share news or updates for your site in a simple feed. It supports autolinking of URLs.


This is my first plugin for October CMS so please send me any bugs info and suggestions before leaving review. If the plugin will have interest in a community I am planning to add few new features like link embedding, badwords and integration with User plugins.


After installation of the plugin "Chat" component will be available in the list of Components.

You can add it at any place of your pages, partials or layouts

{% component 'chat' %}


You can customize the chat component with several properties

  • Title of the widget - You can change the title of the component to fit your site needs
  • Messages on first load - Enter the number of the latest messages to be shown on the page load
  • Text for no messages - Text shown when no messages were sent to the Shoutbox
  • Set height of the chat window - To fit your design you can set the height of the window viewport

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Nov 17, 2017