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Getting started

Please check the parameter timezone in the app.php and reset it if necessary. After installing the components, change the default text fields (labels) in the components.


  • Events Represents all events from the current date as a list
  • Event Detail view of the selected event from the list view


The detail page must contain the parameter 'alias' as URL. For example: /event-detail/:alias


In the app.php, set your current timezone such as 'Europe/Berlin'



<div class="event-detail">
    <div class="event-header">{{ labels.titel|raw}}</div><!-- heading text -->
    <div class="event-title">{{ event.title|raw }}</div><!-- event title -->
    <div class="event-date">{{ event.date|raw }}</div><!-- date string -->
    <div class="event-time">{{ event.time|raw }}</div><!-- time string -->
    <div class="event-city">{{ event.city }}</div><!-- city -->
    <div class="event-text">{{ event.text|raw }}</div><!-- long text -->
    <div class="event-short">{{ event.short|raw }}</div><!-- short text -->


<div class="container">
    <div class="page-header">
    {% for entry in events %}
    <p class="lead"><strong>{{ entry.title }}</strong> {{ entry.date|raw }} </p>
        <p class="event_time">{{ entry.time|raw }}</p>
        <p class="event_city">{{ entry.city}}</p>
        <p>{{ entry.short|raw }}</p>
        <a href="{{entry.url}}">{{ labels.detail }}</a>
        {% if not loop.last %}<hr />{% endif %}
    {% else %}
        {{ labels.noentry|raw}}
    {% endfor %}
Placeholder :
    date  = date string 
    title = event title
    city = city
    text = long text,
    short = short text,
    time = time string 
    url = url to detail page
    labels.title = header title
    labels.detail = text for detail link
    labels.noentry = no events found
  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Jan, 2019

    Thank you for the plugin. The event can not be created because the alias field that does not exit in the event form, I added the code below to the fields.yaml

            label: 'xsigns.events::lang.form.alias'
            size: large
            span: full
            type: text
                field: title
                type: exact
            commentAbove: 'xsigns.events::lang.form.alias'

    and it worked. Please is there a repo where I can PR for all the changes that I made to the plugin.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 27 Aug, 2018

    "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2053 (SQL: update xsigns_events set alias='jnnbnb' where id=7)" on line 664 of /home/beeld/domains/mijndomein.nl/public_html/test/mijnnaam/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connection.php"

    i get this message when i install everything. cms is good, also the database

  • author

    Replied on 31 Jan, 2019

    • The error, which resulted on some mysql servers, was fixed.
    • The alias is now generated automatically.
      $alias = Tools::standardize( $this->title);
          $res = DB::select("SELECT id FROM xsigns_events WHERE id != " . $this->id . " AND alias='" . $alias . "'");
          if (count($res) > 0) $alias .= '-' . $this->id;
          $arrAdd['alias'] = $alias;
          DB::table('xsigns_events')->where('id', '=', $this->id)->update($arrAdd);


Fixed an error while automatically creating the event alias.

Jan 31, 2019


Update table xsigns_events set timefrom,timeto and text to nullable

Aug 28, 2018


Current version.

Aug 21, 2018