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This project is the common authorization API for all Yandex services which support Yandex OAuth method.

See the Documentation tab for the usage details.


To install this plugin you have to click on add to project.

How to use

To get authorization data you may use method:

YandexServicesAuthApi::authInfo($value = 'token')

Deprecated method:

YandexServicesAuthApi::yandex_services_auth_info($value = 'token')

with parameters:

  • 'token' - default parameter, the function returns auth token. It's used in almost any requests to Yandex services.
  • 'client_id' - the function returns Client ID
  • 'client_secret' - the function returns Client Secret


You should have an account with Yandex to use this plugin.

You can create new account here.

To authorize your site you should register Yandex application at https://oauth.yandex.ru/client/new.

Enter Callback URI for your Yandex application. Callback URI: http://YOUR_SITE_HOST_NAME/yandex_services_auth/oauth

Save your application Client ID and Client Secret for later usage.

Then go to Backend System then find Yandex in left side bar, then click on Yandex Services Authorization and paste application Client ID and Client Secret into the corresponding fields. Then press Save button to submit form.

You will be redirected to the special Yandex page. You should confirm your application authorization on that page. Enter your Yandex login and password if it will be necessary. Then your will be redirected back to the settings page on your site.


Adds a new permission to hide the settings menu item.

May 11, 2017


Update yandex_services_auth_info() function

Feb 16, 2016


YandexServicesAuthApi::yandex_services_auth_info() -> YandexServicesAuthApi::authInfo()

Feb 16, 2016


Update en/lang.php.

Feb 06, 2016


First version of YandexServicesAuth

Feb 04, 2016