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Create or change your own backend theme.


To install this plugin you have to click on add to project.

How to use

List available back-end themes:

$ php artisan backendtheme:list

Switch the active back-end theme:

$ php artisan backendtheme:use custom

You can also use option --force (For example to override default October login page):

$ php artisan backendtheme:use custom --force

You should re-login to apply changes!

You can also disable plugin by the following command:

$ php artisan backendtheme:use default --force

Create new custom theme:

$ php artisan backendtheme:create CustomThemeName customfolder

Now you can change layouts, css, js: /plugins/xeor/backendtheme/themes/customfolder


To configure this Plugin goto Backend System then find System in left side bar, then click on Back-end Theme, you will get Configuration options (see the screenshot).

Remove theme:

$ php artisan backendtheme:remove customfolder

  • Found the plugin useful on 16 Jul, 2016

    This has stopped working under the new october release. are you planning on a update?

  • author

    Replied on 17 Jul, 2016


    Yes. During the next week.


Added new console commands

Nov 28, 2016


Added new default theme

Jul 18, 2016


First version of BackendTheme

Jun 10, 2016