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The best and easiest translation solution to translate your OctoberCMS website and go multilingual:

Weglot Translate detects and translates all your content in any language and provides a unique dashboard to edit translations or purchase professional translations to ensure the quality of translations.

With Weglot Translate, you can translate your site into a multilingual website with multiple languages in minutes without doing any code.

Weglot Translate is totally SEO compatible. Weglot Translate follows Google’s best practice in terms of multilingual websites to serve a translated webpage with clean source code. Every translated version of your website will be indexed by Google.

Weglot Translate benefits:

  • Fully compatible with all themes and plugins: Weglot Translate will translate every string in the page.
  • 60+ translation languages available
  • A unique and single place to manage all your languages and translations
  • Content automatically detected and translated: content is the only thing you need to care about.
  • You do not need to search for translation files (.po) or any other source files.
  • Translations constantly displayed in real-time (depending on your cache settings)
  • Access to professional translators if you need quality translations.
  • Optimized SEO in new languages with dedicated URLs: translated pages will have dedicated URLs, as Google best practice for multilingual sites.
  • Language switch button is customizable.

To setup your Weglot Translate plugin, just go to your backend dashboard.

Then go to Settings > Misc > Weglot Translate.

There you can custom all your settings:

  • API Key: Weglot API Key starting at free level)
  • Original language: The language you're using to make this website.
  • Destination languages: The languages you want on your website !
  • Cache: if the plugin can use cache or not (we recommend you to use it only when everything has been tested)
  • Found the plugin not useful on 26 Nov, 2018

    After Installing: An error has occured and it was (Weglot\Client\Factory\Languages) and this plugin caused the wesbite down , sorry not useful

  • Found the plugin not useful on 18 Aug, 2018

    A lot of exceptions after Installing: the first one was (Weglot\Client\Factory\Languages) and this was causing the site down !! Thanks anyway.


Update composer package name

Jul 10, 2018


Update internal library version

Jul 09, 2018


Adding Exclude blocks support

Jun 21, 2018


Adding Exclude urls support

Jun 21, 2018


Adding Language Selector component

Jun 19, 2018


Updating namespace from Translate to TranslatePlugin

Jun 19, 2018


Adding Url rewriting when being on a translated page

Jun 19, 2018


First version of Weglot Translate

Jun 13, 2018