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Dark Theme for Backend October CMS

This plugin adds a dark theme switch to the user’s menu in backend of site. Now you can switch to dark theme for backend in one click.

Custom skins

As a dark theme, you can use your own styles. To do this, simply add a file called custom.css to plugins/webvpf/darkbackend/assets/css/ folder. As a dark theme, the system will take styles from this file.

When dark mode is enabled, the plugin script adds dark class for body tag. Therefore, to override the standard styles, you need to add body.dark before the selector name.

body.dark .className {


Translation for switch text

Write a comment here: https://github.com/Web-VPF/dark-backend/issues/1 where specify language code and translation for text Dark Theme in your language.


Styles update and description in README file

Feb 20, 2020


First version of DarkBackend

Feb 16, 2020