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Secure login to the backend path is very important. This plugin will do it the easiest way for you. This plugin improves the October back-end login form security. After creating a login code on the plugin Settings page, you should use it with your back-end login URL: /backend/auth/signin?code_you_created. The plugin checks the code on every login and if it doesn't exist or doesn't match the generated code nobody won't be able to log into the back-end.

Login page with code

This plugin doesn't perform any checks until you enable it. You can generate code and enable this plugin on the plugin Settings page. Keep the code in a safe place, such as a text file. Once you've enabled the plugin, the only way to log into the back-end is to use the code with the usual sign in URL:


The plugin supports several console command.

Creating a new code

php artisan vuonxa:generate

Viewing the current status of the plugin and and generated code, if any

Use this command to view the login URL.

php artisan vuonxa:view

When you use this command. This plugin has open default browser with new url.

Enabling the plugin

php artisan vuonxa:enable

Disabling the plugin

php artisan vuonxa:disable

New update:

new update


Update color of info command. Fix bug view, enable, disable without generate

Jul 07, 2016


First version of SecureBackendUrl

Oct 26, 2015