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This plugin provide connector for SmartEmailing.cz mail delivery platform.


In order to use the plugin, you need to get the API key and username from your SmartEmailing account (Account > API Keys).

In the OctoberCMS back-end go to the System / Settings page and click the SmartEmailing link. Paste the API key and username in the SmartEmailing API key / API username field.

Subscribe component

You can put the SmartEmailing Subscribe form on any front-end page. Add it to a page or layout. Click the added component and paste your SmartEmailing list ID. Close the Inspector and save the page.

The simplest way to add the subscribe form is to use the component's default partial and the {% component %} tag. Add it to a page or layout where you want to display the form:

{% component 'smartemailing_signup' %}

When you want to change the template, just double-click the component word in editor.


Can set double opt-in parameters

Feb 02, 2023


Update pion/smart-emailing-v3 library to 0.4.1

Feb 02, 2023


First version of SmartEmailing

Apr 23, 2022