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This plugin allows you to define unlimited number of feeds (XML feeds, JSON feeds). For example you can create Google Merchant XML feed for integrating Google Merchant and Google Ads.

Tested and developed with OctoberCMS v1.1.4 (Laravel 6.0).

Key features:

  • define unlimited number of feeds
  • every feed has own format, locale and currency for prices
  • feeds could be available with public/private URL
  • you can define whitelist for allowed IP addresses
  • feeds have access log

Note: locale definition is available only with RainLab.Translate plugin.


Require Lovata.OrdersShopaholic plugin.

Available formats:

  • Google Merchant RSS 2.0


  • feed locale is optional: when not selected, default locale will be used
  • currency is optional: when not selected, currency attribute will be hidden and prices will be in default currency

Add your own format:

For adding new format, copy file /plugins/vojtasvoboda/shopaholicfeeds/config/config.php to /config/vojtasvoboda/shopaholicfeeds/config.php and add new builder.


Please send Pull Request to the master branch.

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Add Google Merchant feed for Offers

Jan 05, 2022


Fix getting product URL when product page doesn't have only slug parameter

Jan 05, 2022


Makes compatible with older Laravel

Jun 05, 2021


Fix when product brand is not defined

Jun 05, 2021


First version of ShopaholicFeeds

Jun 04, 2021