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Provide backend preview calendar for ProEvents plugin.

Key features:

  • quick overview of available and booked dates in visual way
  • normal or aggregated view, see screenshots
  • last stable version of fullCalendar component
  • easily extensible!

Before use be sure you have ProEvents installed.


At Backend > Settings > Misc > ProEvents Calendar you can find calendar settings.

Add your own calendar

For adding new calendar, copy file /plugins/vojtasvoboda/proeventspreview/config/config.php to /config/vojtasvoboda/proeventspreview/config.php and add new calendar section by coping any other section.

For example I took second calendar and made a copy to:

'mycalendar' => [
    'name' => 'My calendar',
    'class' => 'VojtaSvoboda\ProEventsPreview\Widgets\FullCalendar',
    'assets' => [
        'css' => [
        'js' => [

If you want only change seetings of fullCalendar, create copy of file /plugins/vojtasvoboda/proeventspreview/widgets/fullcalendar/assets/js/fullcalendar_normal.js to /plugins/acme/site/widgets/fullcalendar/assets/js/fullcalendar_normal.js and change this path in config above.

Do you want to change whole logic of fetching data? Create copy of FullCalendar class and change it in config file.

All configured calendars will be loaded at backend Settings and you can select which one to show.


Plugin use OctoberCMS licence for paid plugins, Regular or Extended.

Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.


First version of ProEventsPreview

Nov 17, 2016