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This plugin adds an API connector to the popular billing application Fakturoid API v2. All errors and exceptions are logged to the new Fakturoid CMS module so you can easily debug what happens. No other plugin dependencies. Tested and developed with OctoberCMS v1.1.4 (Laravel 6.0).


Before first use, you have to fill Fakturoid credentials in CMS > Settings > Fakturoid.


You can use Fakturoid Client directly like that:

$fakturoid = App::make('Fakturoid\Client'); or $fakturoid = app('Fakturoid\Client');

Or you can use predefined services, which they log errors and exception to the backend log. For now, there are available services:

  • SubjectService for subjects management
  • InvoiceService for invoices management

For example:

$invoices = app(\VojtaSvoboda\Fakturoid\Services\InvoiceService::class);
$invoice = $invoices->getInvoice(123456);


Do you want some extra feature or fix a bug? Send me a pull request or create an issue, please.


Fakturoid plugin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license same as the OctoberCMS platform.

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Apr 19, 2021


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Apr 15, 2021


First version of Fakturoid

Apr 03, 2021